Assurance Of Answered Prayer

Oct 17, 2021    Pastor George Sarkodie

Come To God In Prayer With Full Assurance

Though many of us are praying, the attitude with which we approach God in prayer, and the perspective we have when coming to God in prayer is OFTEN WRONG. Pastor George Sarkodi exhorts to see prayer in the right light, as the bible defines it, in this highlight from the full message, "Assurance of Answered Prayer" (

We might be praying, but we often are not coming to God with the full assurance that He is listening or engaging with us.

He says:

When God talks about prayer, and when the bible talks about prayer,
God wants us to approach prayer with the right attitude and the right perspective. Do not come to God in prayer, don't approach prayer on the basis of trial and error. Can I say that again? Do NOT approach prayer from the basis of trial and error. "Well let me try and see if it is going to work."
That is not how prayer is in the bible. You come to God in prayer with full assurance in your heart that He IS your Daddy, that He IS your Father, that He is willing to listen to you, to engage with you in a conversation.
So most of us have been praying, but the attitude to prayer is even wrong.
And this is not from me (George) this is from the bible.
God wants us to come to prayer with full assurance in our heart.