Restoring the Roar

Oct 24, 2021    Pastor Charlotte Quist

ROAR: A full, deep, prolonged cry. Great in intensity

1) We are Victorious

2 Cor 2:14
1 Cor 15:57
Romans 8:35&37
Romans 8:31
Rom 8:18
2 Cor 4:16-18
Eph 6:11-13

2) The victory is claimed through relationship

What we access had everything to do with how much we want to walk in relationship

1 Sam 17

3) The victory is spiritual with natural benefits

The roar you feel on the inside is meant to be directed and released

3 Key Elements to the ROAR
a) Prayer and intercession
b) Declaring and enforcing the Word
c) Praise and Worship

Ps 34:15&17
Isa 55:11
Ps 43:5

Acts 2:1-2