The Mustard Seed Faith
March 7th, 2023
By Bob Berlasty Ushers Lead This morning I was reading Joshua. Specifically, the crossing of the Jordan into the promised land. This passage always struck me because it really highlighted the faith o...  Read More
The Heart of Revival
March 2nd, 2023
BY PASTOR GEORGE SARKODIE Executive pastor - Victory GP The Asbury revival has been on the minds of many Christians over the past few weeks. What God is doing in Asbury - the outpour of His Spirit is ...  Read More
January 24th, 2023
BY BETH SKANDERUP VGP Choir Director  We all have embarrassing moments. Times when we open our mouths when they should remain closed, or you are about to sing a special and you have no idea how the so...  Read More
Keep Your Eyes Upon The Light
January 24th, 2023
There are two common reactions to loss. One is fear, and the other is grief. Grief is good. Grief is the way we get through the transitions of life. In fact, if you don’t grieve, you get stuck! Grief ...  Read More
You Can Relax in God’s Amazing Grace
January 9th, 2023
The Bible has a word for this kind of love: grace. And it’s absolutely amazing! Even when you do ridiculously bad things, God won’t stop loving you. It truly is amazing grace. When you accept his grac...  Read More
Let\'s Be Donkeys This Christmas
December 19th, 2022
But no one, ever, as far as I know, volunteers to be the donkey. Which is odd, actually, for what greater honor could exist than to do what the donkey did? He carried Jesus. I know, Joseph is better l...  Read More
Does That Miracle Require an Order
December 13th, 2022
n am sure many of us are still trusting God for the last miracle of the year. If you are with me on this, respond with a BIG AMEN because Jesus is able!! Jesus did many miracles in His days. One of th...  Read More
A Light to our Path
December 5th, 2022
I would like to spend a few moments engaging and sharing some insights that the Holy Spirit has taught me whilst reading and writing the words of Jesus. I felt it deep in my heart about three years ag...  Read More
The Power of the Tongue
November 14th, 2022
You may not realize that you have tremendous power in your tongue. The power of speech. We were created in the image of God, and part of that image is the ability to speak. No other created thing ha...  Read More
Where is Your Heart?
November 7th, 2022
The authority on this, the answer, is always the Word which is the voice of the Living God! Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs o...  Read More
Residue-What Do You Leave Behind?
October 24th, 2022
BY JODY PETERSONEVENT COORDINATOR / OFFICE ASSISTANT Residue…..it is simply defined as the part that is left behind after the main part has gone or been taken away….. what do You leave behind?Recently...  Read More
Where is Your True North?
September 26th, 2022
Needless to say, I was confused. For 15 years I felt this was my destiny. What suddenly changed? It turns out that I was hearing God, just not correctly. He does have a plan for me in the north, but i...  Read More