Gloom, Gold and Glory

By Pastor George Sarkodie
Executive Pastor 
One of my greatest mentors of all time – Dr. Myles Munroe once said, ‘’Gifts become relevant in times of crisis’’.

We all know that the past few years have been quite crazy for the entire world. But more than that is the question of how the world can deal with the aftermath of a pandemic. The impact has been felt in almost every sector of society – economic, social, spiritual, and health, just to mention a few. Now, the big question on the mind of many is, how do we get out of the mess that has been experienced? There is no need to mention that the hope of many, even people of faith, for a better world continues to shake.

However, the Bible says, “… there is nothing new under the sun” (Eccl. 1:9). What we are experiencing now is not new. We are just a new group of people experiencing it.
The truth is a similar situation happened years ago in a country called Egypt. King Pharoah had a troubling dream. All the wise men around him could not help in any way. Consequently, Egypt was heading towards a season of crisis.

But how would God show up on the scene to save a whole nation, and by extension the whole region? Well, He had placed gold in a young man called Joseph. This gold in Joseph was his God-given ability to interpret dreams. This was the key to Egypt’s deliverance. With this gold, the gloom of Egypt turned into glory. But how did this happen?

Joseph remembered his GOD

No matter the type of life crisis Joseph himself went through, he did not forget his God. He had every reason to stay in bitterness about what his brothers did to him. But He kept his focus on God. Again, when his master’s wife tried several times to lure him into sexual sin, he said ‘’How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against my God’’ (Genesis 39:9). Later, when he was falsely accused and thrown into prison, Genesis 39 verse 21 says ‘‘But the Lord was with Joseph …’’. In moments of crisis, let us not forget our God.
 Joseph realized his GOLD

Even in prison, Joseph did not forget the gold inside of him. When two of the inmates - the chief butler and chief baker were troubled by their dreams, Joseph showed up to be the solution. He knew there was a godly deposit in him - his gift from God, which would be the answer to interpret dreams. And yes, he rightly did interpret the dreams (Genesis 40). Glory to God for His gold in every one of us. As you know, gold is hidden in the earth, and until it is extracted, it can not become useful. The Holy Spirit is the one who helps us to bring forth the gold deposit in each one of us.

Joseph realized His GLORY

Not only did Joseph’s gift become useful in the prison; but in Genesis 41, Pharaoh himself needed the gold inside of Joseph. Again, Joseph’s gift became super relevant in a time of crisis. This brought him massive breakthroughs including deliverance from prison, ascendance to the Prime Minister’s position, and the privilege to marry Pharoah’s daughter. But none of these privileges was more important than the glory of God that was shown throughout the land of Egypt.

When the gold in us begins to shine, the glory of God cannot be hidden, because the gloom around us disappears!

Solutions begin with innovation. Innovation begins with a dream around your gold. Dreams begin with God in mind. In this season, the big question is “what can your gold do – in your life, for your family, within your community, and around the world to transform the situations of gloom into glory? Do not look down on your God-given gift.

Stay blessed.
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