We all have them. Some we recognize, some we don’t. Some are positive and optimistic, like “always assume the best in people.” Others are negative & formed from disappointments, like “I’ll get excited when it happens.” And some were formed before we knew what to call them, like rejection & the fear of being misunderstood. Those happen to be mine & I only know that cause I was willing to ask God what it was.

Due to a misunderstanding a while back with an acquaintance, I went to God & said,

 “I really thought I responded well, so why is it ending with them being hurt?”

God, in His gracious, Fatherly way answered,

 “If you have to justify yourself, you’re responding through fear of rejection & being misunderstood.”

....😑.. awesome. I re-read how I responded, with that new revelation on as my filter, and was like “wow... how often have I misunderstood or hurt someone, due to my own unhealthy fear filter of being rejected & misunderstood?” It’s a painful reality, because I already know the answer: all too often, indeed.

Romans 12:3

For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.

We often can’t recognize our need for a filter change, cause we’re too consumed with justifying or protecting ourselves. I had to humble myself, ask for Papas discernment & correction & get sober about my emotional & mental state. How my mindset was affecting my responses to people. If we don't take time to recognize where we need to grow, we'll always filter through pride, and consider others as the problem (or having the problem) in our relationships.

We all want and need relationship. The fact is, that some just won’t work until both parties experience the healing they need in order to get those filters switched out for a godly perspective. But the empowering TRUTH is we have the choice and power to change. To surrender what is damaging us, and those around us, and put on the filter of “the truth that sets us free.” Not only us, but (possibly) others too. The truth that we are wholly received by God, in all our transformative states. As He gives us grace to transition, grow & change, we in turn learn grace for ourselves and others to do the same. We are able to filter conversations and situations with the truth of Christ’s grace, love and forgiveness and then respond accordingly.

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