Hungry For the Good Stuff

Have you ever been hungry? Like really hungry?

I don’t mean hungry as in ‘I’ve got the munchies,’ or ‘it must be getting close to dinner time’ type of a hunger. I mean the hunger that you feel when you haven’t had anything to eat at all in days or a week, or even two weeks kind of hunger. The kind of hunger where all your friends start looking like roast beef, so maybe you shouldn’t get too close, for their safety. (Or am I the only one that happens to?)  Anyone that has had to fast for surgery or other reasons, at one time or another, knows what I’m talking about.

When we feel physically hungry, we find food to fill our tummies. We shop daily/weekly for food to satisfy our hunger and keep us alive and nourished. Our shopping list depends on affordability, availability, allergens, physical reasonings and personal taste.
Some people will choose healthier food that is natural, organic, whole and nutrient dense  to benefit their bodies to the maximum ability.
For others, maybe with financial reasonings playing a big part in it, they go for less healthy food that maybe contains more sugar and fillers, tending to be emptier calories and not so super great for our bodies. Sometimes a treat is great - sugar is fun and tasty, and it’s all ok in moderation - but we all know that the sugar and fillers are not a replacement for the nutrients we very much need to be healthy in both mind and body.

When we begin to experience a deep hunger, or deprive ourselves from the sugary and unhealthy choices, our bodies can begin to detox from the junks, sugars and fillers that we have been using to fill our bodies with - and as we do, we begin to discover that we are hungry and yearning for healthier food choices; we begin to get hungry for the nutrient dense choices.

It’s so easy though to fill our hunger with the sugar that we crave - and just as so with our spiritual hunger. We will find that we often fill our lives and spiritual emptiness with unhealthy ‘calorie-clutter’, but should we allow ourselves to detox from the junk that we try to replace God with, we will find that we have a bigger yearning and hunger for 'the good stuff' - which is HIS righteousness.

'Blessed are those who hunger. and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.'  - Matthew 5:6 

Now take a few moments and really think and assess yourself honestly … this is just between you and God. How hungry have you really been for God’s righteousness? How about for just time with Him? How hungry are you for a true and intimate relationship with Papa God?

It’s easy to say “hey, I eat”, but are you really eating what your spiritual self needs to be healthy and efficient? Or are you feeding your spirit man with calorie-clutter?
Are you really allowing yourself to be hungry for the good stuff? Or are you simply getting the munchies and filling yourself with spiritual calorie clutter?

So many, I would say almost everyone, tends to do it in some way - we find things to satisfy our hunger that possibly acts as a replacement for the good stuff of God. Things like money, social media, movies, food, video games and a thousand other things.

Not that some of these are bad on their own, or wrong - they are like a donut or cake, available as a treat, but not intended as a replacement for the real meal. That spiritual hunger can only be satisfied when we fill it with our relationship with Christ Jesus and the Father. It can only be fully satiated by the presence and the Glory of God. 

We have come to a time where we need to begin to declutter - to detoxify - to get rid of the spiritual calorie - clutter that is blocking us from being hungry and desiring the ‘good stuff’. To get rid of anything that comes between us and God.

Today, ask God to show you what your spiritual calorie-clutter is, and how he wants you to stop filling those empty spaces that only HE can fill, so you can come up higher in your relationship with HIM, and desiring that which is righteous. It's time for the good stuff! 

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Jeff - July 13th, 2022 at 1:10pm