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Each week, one of our specially chosen writers will share with you a short blog style devo to start your week; just a bit of what God has been speaking to their heart, in order to share with you. We hope this blesses you.

This week, our Post is titled    "Those Moments" - by Jenn Schmidt

" This is a throw back to somethings I wrote a year or so ago, but such truth for every day.

Our new theme at church the past couple weeks and going forward is all about Prayer. Ya, it can sound so cliche, and maybe not sound so exciting to everyone, but as christians, prayer should be a vital and focused part of our every day lives. Many times though, it can get lost in the busyness of our every day lives, especially for people that seem to always be on the go, and busy with so much going on in their lives.

This morning, as I got in the truck with my 14 year old daughter, we headed off a few moments earlier than usual, as she wanted to grab a coffee at Starbucks before class (yes, she is a 14 year old who loves her once a day coffee). We grabbed a coffee together, and  a breakfast, and off we headed to the school, where we proceeded to have our morning coffee together for just a few moments before we both began another busy day. As I watched her walk off towards her front doors, the realization came to me how very thankful I am for just those little moments with her - whether it’s our runs uptown to the store, heading off to the church for service prep together, or our morning coffee together before our days begin. We laugh together, we cry together. We talk, and return to laughing so hard we cry. Yes, we have our disagreements, we don’t always see eye to eye, and we can have our crabby days - but every one of those moments together have come to mean so much to me.

As I drove towards work after dropping her off, God whispered to me “those moments with you mean a lot to me too”.  That’s when I was reminded that God is our daddy. Those moments we spend with Him, whether we are laughing with Him, crying with Him, or simply needing a hug from Him. Yes, even the times where we get right down honest with Him with our broken, dirty or angry hearts - He just wants the honesty, and He wants the connection and intimacy of a relationship with His children. No matter what you bring, He just wants to sit with you. He wants your heart. He wants to love on you; to just sit and have those moments with you.

Prayer isn’t about being super religious, with thees and thous, and thou shalt nots - it’s about the “thank you God, for what I have” or the “I’m hurting today God, and my heart is shattered.” Even the “heya God, just checking in, thank you for another day. Come with me today, as I work. By the way, that was a cool deer you put by that tree over there.” It’s about being honest, and vulnerable, real, and just being you, with a dad that loves you more than you could ever imagine. He’s the creator, the Big Guy that hung the stars and painted the sky, and created the intricate designs of the universe - But He is also a dad that LOVES every minute you spend with Him.

Don’t forget to check in today."
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Keston Luke - September 19th, 2021 at 11:55am


Jody - September 20th, 2021 at 3:37pm

Beautifully written, thanks for the reminder ♥️

Suzan - September 21st, 2021 at 11:55pm

Beautiful truth - thank you ❤️