Not About Us

By Jenn Schmidt
Office Assistant / Graphic Design
Reading a bit through Exodus this morning, and being reminded that it's not all about me.
Nor is it all about you. Or even about us together.
Its all about HIM. 
Sometimes, God asks us to step out into something that is wildly out of our little box of comfort, or out of the lines that we think we need to colour in. For example, one night a few years ago, my husband and I were asked to be part of a prayer team for a prayer tunnel at the front of the church. Now for anyone who knows me even just a little, getting me anywheres near the front of the church would take a very large man eating rabid spider chasing me - I like to stay out of the spotlight as much as humanly possible. I guess you could say that being called up to be a part of something like this was WAYYYYY outta my comfort zone. So, the minute my husband grabbed my hand and started making our way up, I began with " but but but but but …. ". My husband doesn’t listen too well when I start doing the excuses thing, but they began rolling immediately and automatically out of a deep fear.
This morning as I sat down to do my devotionals, I began to read in exodus about Moses and how he was a man who did the same thing. Actually, probably most of us may have said it at least a few times in our walk … "But God!"
"But God, I'm not good enough. I've messed up".  
Well, Moses messed up too. Read in exodus 2:11-15. Moses, in his anger, became a wanted murderer.
"But God, I'm not a college graduate. I'm not perfect, I'm not smart enough."
Ok I'll be really honest with you. I have used this sooo many stinkin' times. And still do sometimes.
Moses tried this excuse with God too.  In Exodus 4:10, Moses says, 'hey wait God, I don’t use any big words, i'm not smart, and did you forget I have a stutter?? And I don’t talk very fast God!!'
But keep reading. God already knows this and doesn’t care. God says " so, I made you. I made your mouth. I will give you the words to say and I will help you say them. So shush and get going"
"But God, I'm not anyone important, how could you care about lil' ol' me?
Well, Go back and read in Exodus 2:23-25. The Israelites were slaves, yet it says that 'God saw them, and took knowledge of them and concerned himself about them.  God cared even about the slaves. Not just the important ones, or the ones that were perfect people - but all of the slaves.
In Exodus 3:11, Moses asks "but who am I to do your work?" Moses was determined throughout the whole story to remind God of who he wasn’t. How many times have we tried to remind God of who we are when asked to do something? What we realize is that God ALREADY knows who we are, how we've messed up, what our strengths and flaws are and he surely knows what we also aren't ….. But here is the punch line: it isn't about us.

It's not about us. Its not about who we are ... or who we are NOT.
We can say to God, "But God i'm not good enough, i'm not smart enough, i'm not holy enough, i'm not perfect, i'm not someone who has it all together, but you know what God's reply is?
He says,  "NO, BUT I AM!"
It doesn’t matter who we aren't, because its not about us.
 It's about HIM. It's about who HE is! 
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